The Three Principles Paradigm Diagram Membership with Dr. Keith Blevens, Ph.D.

The 3PP Diagram Membership is an exposition of the logic and wisdom of the 3PP Diagram that allows us to insightfully make sense of our feelings and experiences.

With this new, and paradigmatic, way of understanding we are less tempted to fall for an illusion that our experiences have nothing to do with the Three Principles. Our mind is quieted through subtraction of the obsolete thinking we no longer believe in.

All feelings, whether positive or negative, derive and come alive from the power of Thought

Sydney Banks

We teach individuals and coaches about a natural paradigm of human functioning – which anyone can have insight into – that effortlessly leads to deeper levels of mental health, resilience, and insightful thinking.

It does not appear that understanding this basic, simple fact about the inseparable nature of thought and feeling could really matter, or make a difference. But in fact, it is life changing.

Valda Monroe

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When you start to see the power of thought and its relationship to your way of observing life, you will better understand yourself and the world in which you live.

Sydney Banks