Counselling, Coaching & Mentoring

Working with Us

We work with individuals, couples, and families to help them get over habitual and repetitive patterns of thought that interfere with treating one another better and change in ways most people imagine would be too hard or even impossible.

We work with professionals, CEOs and management teams looking to enhance effective decision making, the communication skills of team members, and the efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of their teams. (We find that the shifts they experience in their thinking then impacts positively on their family life too).

We work with coaches, practitioners and facilitators to deepen their impact and effectiveness with clients.

How to arrange sessions with us

When working with couples or individual clients we often meet with clients online via Skype/Zoom or we can meet you in person if you are local to Washington.

We usually pre arrange to have a block of sessions together over a period of months.

For prices and an assessment of your needs Keith can be contacted via the contact us page here, or, via telephone: (00 1) 360 466 2300. (Pacific Time).