It Only Works One Way

A series of short video clips where Dr Keith Blevens explains the logic of how the human experience works, as well as some of the implications this reliable practical understanding holds for us.

Part 1
There’s a logic to the human experience

Part 2
From a flat earth to a round earth

Part 3
Separating out what is true, from what is not true

Part 4
Seeing the logic of where your feelings are coming from

Part 5
When we think we work in some other way, we suffer

Part 6
When we insightfully see how we work, we regain our equilibrium

Part 7
There is only one place where you can see logic and insight

Part 8
Separate Realities: We’re all in the same boat

Part 9
Beyond positive thinking: meeting life as it is

Part 10
There is a psychological North Star