The 3PP Diagram Membership

$40.00 / month

“If you don’t tie the Principles into mental life, you will miss the greatest practical jump in human consciousness since fire.” – Keith Blevens, Ph.D

A brand new membership from Three Principles Paradigm. The first live meeting is on Sunday February 6th.

An Introduction from Keith Blevens:

“If you don’t tie the Principles into mental life, you will miss the greatest practical jump in human consciousness since fire.” – Keith Blevens, Ph.D.

The Harmony Diagrams are the two Diagrams we have used in our client practices for over ten years now. I have simplified the titles of these diagrams as the Harmony Diagrams for this new offering of 3 Principles Paradigm, The 3PP Diagram Membership, and for my forthcoming book: Suffering Needlessly as well the target market is anyone interested in reducing their own suffering needlessly or wanting to help others reduce theirs. This 3PP Diagram Membership includes several valuable offerings for enrolees:

  • A once-a-month attendance at a meeting demonstrating a session using these two Diagrams. These meetings will be on the first Sunday of every month at noon PST. If a member cannot attend live, these meetings will be archived for viewing at any time later for members.
  • The Diagram Guide, a complete step by step guide detailing these figures as a representation of the 3 Principles Paradigm, and how it is derived from another distinct dimension than the thousands of psychological understandings that are now being practiced.

Sydney Banks said:
“Every human mind has direct access to its experience here on earth and every human mind always has access to its own spiritual roots, from which it came. The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives. Without this harmony there must be suffering needlessly. An important thing to realize is that the Universal Mind and personal mind are not two minds thinking differently, but two ways of using the same mind.”

This 3PP Diagram Membership will demonstrate why obliterating the illusion of a separate mind is key to mental health.

Included in the 3PP Diagram Membership:

  • A 13-hour recorded webinar series on the Diagrams that serves as a useful starting point for learning about the diagrams. It’ll speed up the learning process if one were to watch these videos as a priority and early as possible. This webinar series is called “Understanding and Working with the 3PP Diagram.”
  • A 6.5-hour recorded webinar series on the introduction to the Three Principles as a Paradigm (the series is named, “The 3Ps Taught as a Paradigm; From the Beginning.”).
  • An 18-hour recorded 3-day workshop taking the understanding of the diagrams to a place where further insights are available. This workshop is called “The Transformative Power of the 3Ps as a Paradigm.”
Downloads included:
  • Audio MP3s from every meeting in the 3PP Diagram Membership
  • Streaming the recordings from every meeting in the diagram membership (every recording will be up within 7 days of the meeting.)
  • PDF document of “The Diagram Guide”
  • Unabridged audio MP3 of “The Diagram Guide” featuring, the one and only, Keith Blevens! 😃
  • PDF document of “Implications NOT Applications”
  • PDF document of “3 Overarching Outcomes.”

When do the live meetings take place?

The first Sunday of every month, starting on February 6th. At 12 pm Pacific time (3 pm Eastern, 8 pm GMT, 9 pm CET). The meetings will be around 90 minutes.
Cost: $40 USD per month.

The 3PP Diagram Membership is a no-commitment membership and you can cancel at anytime.